At Sedical we have always tried to provide our clients with the best possible customer service through quality and knowledge. This set our philosophy, the one that guided us in 1980 to publish a catalogue of energy saving and in 1981 to be the first company in Spain to sell plate exchangers for HVAC applications.

In 1996 we were the first company in Spain to sell automatic hydraulic balancing and in 2001 we were pioneers in the Spanish market with permanent magnet, synchronous motor pumps.

In 2007 we presented the SediBox®, which incorporates everything needed for an efficient housing management.

In 2013 our R&D department created the SediREC®, whose purpose is to recover the energy in the pool water renewing process.

Today we also offer the new wet rotor pumps for high efficiency heating and air conditioning, as well as the CENTRAWebPlus, a new multi-protocol controller with great capacity and high performance.

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