Klingenburg’s air/air energy recovery systems

Energy efficiency, energy saving and reduction of CO2 emissions are the target of Sedical’s air/air energy recovery systems.

Klingenburg offers the widest range of solutions for energy recovery and also participates in the Eurovent certification program for air/air static or rotary energy recovery systems, which ensures performance and product quality. To check the status of the certification, visit or

The energy recovery systems for air transfer between liquids (air, combustion gas) have applications in air conditioning or ventilation and heat recovery.

The cross-current energy retrieval systems can meet energy savings of up to 90%.

The rotary recovery systems are selected individually for each application and can be selected with enthalpy or temperature recovery, with constant or variable speed control, with protection for harsh environments and with an automatic cleaning system. They can meet energy savings of up to 80%. Depending on the type of housing, Sedical offers Standard RRU, Classic RRS and Premium RRT systems. The rotors can be enthalpic, condensating, of sorption and have epoxy coating. The high efficiency of these systems allows to save energy on heating, cooling and humidification, and therefore reduce air pollution.

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