Weishaupt burners, quality builds trust

Weishaupt burners are recognised by the specialists as top-quality products. They are renowned for their sound construction, operational reliability and high efficiency. Put another way: That's reliability.

Weishaupt burners range of power goes from 16,5 to 28,000 kW and they are worldwide recognized for their reliability, their efficiency and for being environmentally friendly. They can be used in any application that requires of heat generation : houses, hospitals , schools , offices, shopping centers , industry, power generation, marine technical processes and so on.

Weishaupt burners are suitable for all types of fuels; gaseous, liquid, conventional or special. Their efficiency is reached thanks to the electronic control of the fuel-air mixture. They can also incorporate variable speed and continuous oxygen control as a way of reducing electricity and fuel consumption.

For every model and power there is a wide range of «Low NOx» executions with low NOx emissions. Weishaupt has worked for over 40 years on the optimization and development of their products at their I+D+I facilities in Schwendi, Germany.

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